Do you know that Ford  created Super car Criminals catcher ! ….
Ford launches new car with HP 777, named 2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, police used a fast car, such as the Mustang,to catch criminals. They were able to use them because the Mustangs were able tooutrun most cars on the road in those days but later it becomes false. Now there are a lot of cars that are able to outrun even the most powerful Mustang GT and more expensive car is usually not feasible for the Police Department because in the possibility of an accident they will lose a lot of money.

To solve some of those problems, the American company that decided to take things into their own hands and take off some of the concept cars that can be used in the future by the Police Department.

Model and upgraded & repair

2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor has been built in two different models, the Q500 and Q750. Both received many upgrades chassis, suspension and even the interior of the machine and to make them suitable for use by police.



Very nice machine, both cars are equipped with a 5 liter V8 Mustang GT. both received several upgrades to be able to run faster or at least match current car super speed. The basic model Q500 is equipped with a cold air intake, exhaust system is different as well as the new fuel system. Thanks to this increase, the car can create up to 490 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque which is a hefty increase over the original.

The more impressive though has become the Q750 also adds a Whipple super charger into the mix. The end result of this is 777 655 horsepower and lb-ft of torque which should allow 2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor to 60 MPH in about 3 seconds and a top speed of a maximum of more than 200 MPH. Upgrading doesn’t stop here though. As we said, both cars received all new suspension system with heavy duty components that can support a higher weight.

This will allow the car’s Armor plating augments PD, other equipment and even the chassis to allow cars to maneuver the hole without sustaining damage.

Its unique

On the exterior, two cars can be booked as a vehicle in disguise in that it will receive the usual Alloy wheels, black or gray metallic paint-body kits are also smooth. In addition, they will also install a police lights behind the front grille and on the dashboard as well as at the rear of the car. The interceptor model will add to the pattern of regular police officers, 18-inch custom-made steel wheels to be able to be much more durable than before as well as beefier front suspension system with bigger brakes. It will also get a silent exhaust system with a small diffuser at the rear.


Inside the cabin, 2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor will come with astripped down interior, leather seats in front and roll-cage in the back, support for official police equipment as well as a slightly more different dashboard that will include blank buttons with wires already done for them to allow the police, or the official stores it, to add additional lights equipment such as official or even Tire inflation system.


Price modification is not known at this time but given the upgrades they do a basic car and Mustang GT, it is safe to assume that they are at least double the price of the base model.