2016 Ford Torino GT Rumor

2016 Ford Torino GT Rumor

2016 Ford Torino GT Rumor ;  In a few days in news papers and magazines of the internet is a lot of rumorscirculating about 2016 new Ford Torino GT, whether it is fiction and photoshop is good or the new muscle car saw the light of day, time will tell. Ford, which producesbeautiful cars over the years. The company is famous for The iconic Mustang muscle car and now the next stars of the Turin company products muscle, will hit the marketsoon. This car is highly anticipated by most car enthusiasts and lovers of the muscle car.

2016 Ford Torino GT exterior

2016 Ford Torino GT design has adopted cousin Brother, Mustang GT. differentcurvature that follows the body that gives the car a different look and not have anybumper. Performance-oriented cars like, part of the body is relatively lower than therear. The car has an elegant and aerodynamic finish 5 inches longer than the previous version. About 70% of the body is composed of aluminum, which gives the car lighter and also improve performance. 

The size of the wheels is known about 20-inch alloy wheels and lights will display two separate headlamps which has LED technologydrivers better visibility in accordance with the latest trends in the production of bulbs.

2016 Ford Torino GT rumors

2016 Ford Torino GT Interior

In the car there is a 8 inch LCD screen located on the dashboard. LCD and can be usedto control various functions of the car. The steering wheel is lifted down a bit to ensure better handling. There are leather seats and enough space for the driver’s and passenger‘s feet. This car also has a standard USB connectivity and optional Bluetooth and GPS. For entertainment purposes, the car has a strong speaker with maximum output. About safety there are airbags designed to all passengers as well as airbag ispresent in the driver’s legs for added security.

2016 Ford Torino GT engine and specs

2016 Ford Torino V8 5.0 run strong that stemmed from the earlier Ford Mustang GT.engine delivers a maximum of 435 horsepower. With a top speed of 170 miles, it goesfrom 0-60 mph in 4 seconds! The car has a very impressive fuel economy that provides 15 mpg city and 25 mpg on the highway, so that other people in addition to the fuel efficiency of a car, is ideal for them. Reference is made and the engine is set to produce about 440 horsepower and a top speed of 205 mph comes from aNASCAR championship. Although it is more likely the basic version with Ti-VCT V6engine 3.7 L 300 horsepower with a 280 lb-ft of torque.

2016 Ford Torino GT rumors

2016 Ford Torino GT price and release date rumors

2016 Ford Torino GT  It is set to be released at the end of the year 2016 2015 or earlier and is worth about $ 40 k which is pretty reasonable while considering the features and specs. The source said that it will be first introduced in the Australia market and also sold to the United States and other markets later due to the huge interest. All official information about the car held secret by Ford.

Please note that these are just rumors, but rumors of the new Lincoln Continental2016 only one year ago it was hard to believe, now we have a car ready forproduction. We hope that the rumors become reality, Ford Torino to the delight ofmany fans of Ford muscle cars.