2016 Ford Mustang Rocket Release Date

2016 Ford Mustang Rocket Release Date

Very SUper 2016 Ford Mustang muscle car Rocket is fantastic and super cool unique steady created by Galpin Auto sports and Henrik Fisker.

Tremendous power which shows the 2016 Ford Mustang exterior design rockets

Perhaps one of the most powerful Mustang models ever held. A large, strong and attractive in each section. It is very fashionable. But it’s not losing the old style. Keep one recognizable enforcement on the street. 

2016 Ford Mustang Rocket Preview

Pretty big chrome grille will be decorated the front. It has a form of rhomboideus and of course the ponies in the middle. The big bumper mounted turn indicators in holes for air circulation. Similar are placed in the long hood. The quality of the lamps have many forms of aggressive. Especially the car full. decorate Front mask lit by LED lights blue that looks impressive and special. Daytime running lights extra mounted on the top of the mask. 

The body has two doors and a line that provides good aerodynamics. The back lights are very integrated look. When they activated Shine by three vertical slashes on both sides. The above defined functional spoiler and chrome Mustang model name. This name is certainly On both sides of the Rocket. bottom can be observed by two exhaust pipes. With the vehicle will be assembled very beautiful Alloy wheels measure 21 inches.

2016 rocket-Ford Mustang exterior design

The cabin is made of high quality materials, carefully selected. Only the property of miracle design. Folded it carefully with a lot of details that are fine. Recaro sports seats are upholstered with leather seams are visible. In the same way that set and door trim. Included are many details of chromium and aluminium. Most of round details. As the ventilation holes, the control display in front of the driver and all buttons. The entire cockpit is covered with leather. In the middle lies the touchscreen displayMainly used for management of all systems that are incorporated into equipment. 

The rocket will contain the audio device with great potential. Advanced communication systems and internet connections are inevitable. They just became a necessity. Your disposal should be AIR CONDITIONING, navigation, hands-free calling, voice commands. Safety features that are not yet fully entrenched, but the list will be a lot of options. When all things are considered only the lucky ones will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of this muscle car. Because it would be produced in a series of smaller ones.

d1 2016 Ford Mustang Rocket Release Date

2016 Ford Mustang interior-rocket

The rocket will run amazing 5.0-liter V8 engine with a Whipple supercharger. This engine is called Coyote.It working at idle or at higher revs would feeze blood in the blood vessels. This is the sound of hard power. It is capable of producing 725HP. Strength will be directed to the wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission.

2016 Ford Mustang Price

Some rocket concept Mustang has shown in previous years. But permanent change and production should start this year. Sales will begin later this year or will be transferred to 2016 is still unknown. The price is also not known. But it will certainly exceed the $ 100,000 figure.